Let’s Try This Again

1 minute read

So, now that I have gone through what seems like sixteen WordPress themes and customizations, I finally settled on something of which I was proud. And it was not Wordpress. I gave up. I just could not find the right theme, and I do not know PHP to do some tweaking. That’s not to say that I won’t be tweaking things in the (near) future, but at least I have something with which to start.

I almost joined the Kirby ecosystem, but I ran into the same problem with PHP. Sure there are a few templates available, but I wanted to make this blog my own. I do like Kirby a lot, though, because the flat file system (i.e., no database) was an attractive option. Along those lines, I even dabbled in Octopress and Pelican for a bit, but my lack of knowledge in Ruby and Python (respectively) made for a steep learning curve. Another contender was Qards, but it proved to be a little too cumbersome, especially if I wanted to use a specialized blogging text editor such as MarsEdit or Desk to edit my posts.

So, I settled on Squarespace. Not sure why I did not go with it from the start. It is elegant, beautiful, easy to use, and I was able to come up with the clean-looking blog I was seeking. So there I was, markdown and all.

And there it sat for 10 months…idle. So, after all this time, I am back to Wordpress with a theme that I really like. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you as I learn web and iOS development as I poke around in design as well.

There is a coffee shop where I sometimes go with my laptop to do some coding or to read development blogs, and one of the staff usually comes up to me and says, “Whenever I see you here, all you do is work. Put the computer away and relax!” My response to him is always, “Trust me, this is NOT work. This IS relaxation.” As he walks away bewildered by my response, I think to myself, “I love my hobbies.”